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Management systems and quality and productivity


Lavan Oil Refining Company, in pursuing its mission and mission, utilizes all available capacities and resources, especially the efficient manpower, which is the main capital of the company, and has been able to utilize all the factors affecting its production by utilizing its own route To pave the way for productivity and organizational excellence. The company also currently holds the Integrated Management System (IMS) and HSE certificates. Also, in 2009 and 2010 with the participation in the National Productivity and Excellence Award, he has received a certificate of commitment to excellence.

Corporate Model (ROLE MODEL)


Key Suppliers    

1-      Iranian Offshore Oil Company

2-       Iran National Oil Company

3-       Contractors and Service Providers

4-       Parts Builders (domestic and foreign) 5- Scientific and Research Centers



Key entries        

   1. Human capital

   2. Crude oil feed  

3. Feed gas condensate

 4. Equipment, devices and devices

 5. Gas fuel

 6. Commodities and materials

 7- Methods and instructions

8. Laws and regulations

 9. Standards. 10. Technology and technology. The product



Key outputs       

1-      Oil products

2-        Financial reports

3-        Development projects

4-        Research and research projects


Key customers          

1-      National Oil Products Distribution Company

2-       2- Ministry of Oil International Affairs




Key stakeholders    

1.       Shareholders (Social Security Organization, Equity Stocks, National Oil and

       Gas Distribution Company, employees, real people)

 2. Employees, formal, contractual and contract

 3. Society (village, government, environment, ... )

 4- Suppliers

 5- Customers