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Strategic planning and management


The leaders of the company are subject to the policies and plans

approved by the National Strategic Planning and Distribution Company

of Iran and the Board of Directors of the company in formulating their

strategic plans.

However, with the goal of achieving better goals and

approved plans, they plan to plan the strategic planning process in the

year 89. In the framework of the strategic management process,

the five committees (political and social, economic, technology, environmental

and legal) consisting of members of the Strategic Management Strategic Committee

 and with regard to capabilitiesHis field and experiences in the fields described

 above are actually environmentalsensors who have observed environmental

 changes in different fields and arerequired to report the severity of the

 changes in the above factors over differentperiods of time, which is based

on the direction Changes and organizationalstrategies are effective.

Approaches associated with each key stakeholder

group were designed and streamlined to identify their needs and expectations

as follows. In this regard, it has been identified and prioritized through

stakeholder surveys on the importance of components, needs and expectations.