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Project for the construction of side services and storage tanks

1- Electricity distribution and distribution network (4 '7 MW S.T.G.) 2- Vapor and Re-distilled water supply and distribution network (4 '80 T / h S.B) 3. Construction of reservoirs in the amount of 240,000 M3 ( 4- Construction of wastewater treatment plant (300 M3 / H) 5- Construction of non-industrial waste water treatment plant (450 M3 / H) 6. Construction of Sour Water Treatment Unit (415 T / D) 7. Construction of sulfur gas treatment unit with amine (120 T / D) 8- Construction of fresh water distribution and production unit (2'100 M3 / H) 9- Performing a network of water harvesting and distribution (5 '1800 M3 / H) 10. Construction of compressed air unit and precision tool (1'800 N M3 / H) 11- Performing the collection and burning gases of the burner gases (2 940 T / H) 12. Perform F & G system 13. Construction of a water supply network for new units as well as modernization of the existing network 14. Nitrogen production and distribution system, gas and liquid 15. Facilities for the production and distribution of cosmetics and chemicals 16. Construction of new control buildings, laboratories and workshops

Units commissioned by the construction of side services 1- Network to collect and burn burning gases 2. Storage reservoir units 3. Freshwater production and distribution unit 4. Electricity distribution and distribution network 5- Grid collection and distribution of seawater 6. Laboratory buildings, workshop and power plant control 7- Vapor and water distillation grid production and distribution network 8- Production and distribution network of compressed air and instrumentation 9. Sulfur Gaseous Distillation Unit with Amine 10. Sour water treatment unit 11. Production and distribution unit of chemicals and chemicals 12. Construction of a wastewater treatment unit 13. Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Production and Distribution System