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Visiting the head of the non-operational defense of the country

Visiting the head of the non-operational defense of the country

Sardar Jalali, head of the country"s non-operational defense organization, and Sardar Motie, the deputy head of the country"s non-operational defense organization, accompanied the delegation from Lavan Island oil facilities and Lavan Oil Refining Company.
According to the Public Relations Department of Lavan Oil Refining Company, this visit aims to elaborate and elaborate the requirements for a comprehensive crisis management and passive defense project of the Lavan Oil Refining Company and the Iranian Offshore Oil Company with the participation of national and provincial authorities in the field and representatives of the companies have their views In connection with defense plans and implementation of the plan.
At the beginning of this meeting, while welcoming the dear visitors and presenting the films and slides of the region"s introduction and the Lavan oil refining company, an executive consultant on the non-operational defense plan on Lavan Island reported that the comprehensive plan for managing crisis and passive defense as a plan Conceptualization is the most important national plan for achieving a series of continuous and flexible strategies and predicting passive defense measures to reduce the vulnerability and sustainability of production, which should be implemented with high priority on Lavan Island.
The director of the country"s passive defense organization, referring to the extensive oil facilities on Lavan Island, said that recognizing vulnerability to threats is one of the most important tasks of the non-operating organizations of the island based on the important issue of protection or defense of the inactive. People should also be given serious attention and expressed their hope that as soon as possible, a non-operational Lanan Defense Patrol Strategy will be developed and, in the shortest possible time, strategies developed into the Operational Program will be turned into four key areas.

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